Friendship Is About Lifting The Spirit Of A Friend

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Friend. One of the sweetest words in any language, whatever it is called in that language. Friend. A person with whom you are in harmony, one accord. Someone that understands you, someone that you understand. To become a friend is to become a person in a greater sense, at a deeper level, than merely being another human.

Among maybe thousands of students we meet in school or a few hundred we meet at the workplace, we finally become close and attain a level of friendship with very few or limited people. This attraction could be sexual but most likely we are attracted to the personality, to someone whose personal style, mannerisms and attitudes seem fascinating, intriguing or simply similar.

True friendship involves relationships. Those mutual attributes we mentioned above become the foundation in which recognition transpires into relationship. Trust is essential to true friendship. We all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. Most of us approach friendship in a lackadaisical manner as if it is replaceable, temporary, or of less value than family or love relationships.

A few quality single friends can become your family of sorts. They will be the best ones to go to for advice and encouragement on issues related to being single. They might be the ones that you prefer to spend certain holidays with because you all share a common bond and understanding. One way many folks cultivate friendship is by doing-doing-doing for others in the hopes of buying their acceptance and approval - their friendship.

They'll shun relating to particular co-workers, or bosses, or relatives, for example, in order to be accepted by someone else whose friendship they sorely feel they need. Friendship is about making a friend realize his priceless worth Friendship is about letting a friend have confidence in himself and having faith in God. For these destroy the glorious fabrics which friendship are beautifully clothed. Friendship is about telling a friend not to give up no matter what happens.

These types of friendships can easily disappear as quickly as they came or they can actually turn into more meaningful friendships as time moves on. These associations can lack strong foundations and even knowledge of one another, but either way, you respect them as a part of the friend that originated the encounter.

A lot of people go through life with only a few friends. It seems that some have less than that. They have no one on whom they can call in good times or bad. when a trouble strike, their biggest hesitation might be over which friend to call. They know exactly the person with whom to discuss the topics of inquiry and debate.

Genuine friendship originates from understanding another's needs and aspirations and appreciating their pain and joy. It comes out of being able to empathise with them, in both good and bad times. Such knowledge and response are not possible until one knows another for a while and feels comfortable with their presence.
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Friendship Is About Lifting The Spirit Of A Friend

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This article was published on 2011/01/21
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